Rajamouli with Prabhas again?


Rajamouli-with-Prabhas-agaiFilm Industry, is never devoid of good gossip and possible huge combinations. While, good producers always try to bring in as many successful combinations to forefront as much as possible, few can command the respect to bring in the best of the best as soon as possible. In India today, it is Rajamouli and Prabhas, the biggest combination you can imagine, as the actor and director are able to deliver, Bahubali.

Prabhas has been busy planning his next movies after Bahubali2 and a film, Saaho (working title) is already in pre-production and the actor promised to his fans and to himself that he will compensate for five years spent on one movie with continuous films. He is also thinking about doing two films per year. Well, however possible it is, we are happy to see a big hero doing films with more consistency than few in between the years.

We got to hear that, Karan Johar who distributed Bahubali franchise in Hindi, also is one of the biggest producers of India. He made many blockbusters and also produced them with new directors. Now, he wants to produce a film with Rajamouli in Hindi and he wants to get Prabhas as lead as well. Bringing them both together for another film will guarantee huge expectations and also unprecedented hype. Can they better Bahubali would be the biggest question?  But both the director and actor in their present interviews tried to say they don’t want to come together so immediately. We have to wait and see for future to unfold all the surprises! What say?