Rajamouli’s advise to Varun Tej


Rajamouli,Varun-TejSS Rajamouli has given a peace of advise for Varun Tej at the trailer launch of ‘Kanche’. “Star Kids becoming a hero is a boon. At the same time, It’s a curse too there will be lot of expectations on them. Varun Tej need to take it as a blessing and create an image for himself. That’s the advise I give to him,” he said to Varun.

The Maverick Filmmaker praised Krish’s passion for cinema and believes films like ‘Kanche’ will take the audience to the World not seen before. “I knew how difficult was it to shoot war scenes and create the visuals of those era. I had goosebumps watching the promotional material of ‘Kanche’. Films of Krish have always been appreciated by critics but haven’t done commercially well. I wish this movie breaks the jinx,” he told.

Krish declares World War 2 as one of the greatest wars ever happened in the history and Varun Tej was his best bet to play the lead.

Varun Tej claims ‘Kanche’ has given him complete satisfaction as an actor. Nagababu, on the other hand, says he loved the story very much during the narration and it influenced him a lot.