Rajamouli’s counter attack on TV channels


rajamouliFrom past two days onwards the news has been running in film Nagar circles Rajamouli copied “Baahubali” making teaser from Hollywood film Comic Epic teaser. Yesterday itself Producer Shobu Yarlagadda clarified that they bought a template form adobe.  After listening to his response some sought of media circles started targeting Rajamouli saying that , Rajamouli poured money to copy others brainchild and claim that as his original until someone pokes him and many blamed him. After listening all comments Rajamouli is very upset with media channels those who screened a special stories on this subject and appealed them to be responsible.

He tweeted as “I saw a tv prog which said we copied showing our teaser and the template side by side. They used our music for the combined visual. Many are thinking the music is copied from that template. Wish they had been more responsible.” The director who was upset with the bad propaganda has responded with another tweet- “As @Shobu_ already clarified, we purchased the rights to video template which was used in the teaser. Anyone can buy it and use it.”.

But one thing everyone needs to understand, teaser response is not based on template, due to Prabhas unique style and BGM works made the teaser exclusive and to acquire a good response. So, the showing Prabhas in different way is completely Rajamouli’s creative and BGM shows the hard work of Keeravani. No complaints on Rajamouli’s creative and Keeravani BGM works, so, why some sought of media is so excited to show issue in a negative way, if we recalled Rajamouli is one of those directors who delivers different kind of films with more technical vales in Tollywood. So, stop elevating negative things and encourage good film. All the Best “Baahubali” team, “Baahubali” rocks!!!!!