Rajamouli’s Eega Sequel (Eega-2) after Baahubali


eega-sequelRajamouli’s brainchild ‘’Eega’’ has created wonders in south India and it has won countless awards including two national awards. Even after completion of a year after the release of “Eega”, this film is still getting recognitions from all over the world.

Rajamouli who never expected such a response to Eega is extremely excited with the results.According to the inside information buoyed by the response to the film, the tough taskmaster  is considering for its  sequel  and have thought  making it on a larger scale with the usage of hitech animation techniques.However currently Rajamouli is committed to Baahubali starring Prabhas,Rana, Anushka. ‘’Bahubali” is expected to be the top most flick from Rajamouli’s side. Soon after this venture, Rajamouli needs to come up with similar hyped venture and he may turn towards the sequel of eega

Moreover, Rajamouli’s “Eega” has the scope to have a sequel. Rajamouli tactically ended the film to have a sequel. Sources say Rajamouli who is promoting Eega is considering turning it into a franchisee and making Hollywood style sequels. If the news become true then Raajamouli will not have chance to do films with other heroes for next four years.

“Whom does Rajamouli choose for ‘Eega-2’?” is the hot topic that is trending in Film nagar.