Rajamouli’s First Blockbuster After Baahubali


Fans across the nation are waiting to see what will SS Rajamouli deliver after he took the whole of India by a storm with “Baahubali” franchise. And before anyone could guess anything or any film would get officially announced, Rajamouli scored a terrific blockbuster already.

Other day when Rajamouli released the presentation he has given to Andhra Pradesh government about the possible installation of Telugu Thalli statue in Central Hall of Amaravathi with sun rays hitting the feet of the goddess at the desired time, it sent goosebumps across all circles. In no time, the video is being downloaded and shared on WhatsApp quite virally, even at the root level in villages and towns.

That made the video presentation of Rajamouli a blockbuster of all sorts among Telugu audiences. Even people from other states are also looking forward to this video and wondering if AP govt would really buy this idea. With Rajamouli himself clarifying that the idea is theoretically possible and its technical feasibility is to be researched, the government might take some time.

Also, this video has completely wiped out criticism on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu that the government is entertaining Rajamouli in Amaravathi construction just because he made few hit films. Needless to say, Rajamouli may not be an architect or inventor, but his ideas will surely make Amaravathi as a modern capital with artistic and aesthetic touch. Isn’t it?