Rajamouli’s funny reaction on RGV’s comment


Rajamouli-and-RGV“I just now came to know that the SS in SS Rajamouli stands for Steven Spielberg (sic)”, tweeted Ram Gopal Varma, today morning. In reply to this, Rajamouli took a rather funny stand.

Rajamouli said, “janam tho nannu thittinchadaniki kaakapothe avasarama sir ippudu idhi” (Other than to make people scold me, is this comparison necessary now?) in reply to Ram Gopal Varma. This is has generated few laughs online as everyone knows that Rajamouli’s full name is Srisaila Sri Rajamouli. But why couldn’t Rajamouli accept that he is Steven Spielberg of India?

There is still lot to match between Rajamouli and Steven Spielberg. Our director knows the reality.