Rajamouli’s son to produce Akhil’s film


Karthikeya-and-Akkineni-AkhJust like the sons of actors become actors, there is a tradition in film industry about the sons of directors becoming directors. But Rajamouli’s son Karthikeya is an exception as he has already made it clear that he has no intention of becoming a director in future and instead he chose production.

Rajamouli at many occasions stressed that Karthikeya played key role in production aspects of Baahubali. Now, sources close to Rajamouli’s camp have revealed that Karthikeya will soon turn into a producer and will produce Akkineni Akhil’s second film. An official announcement regarding this will be made very soon.

Karthikeya’s ‘Showing Business’ team has also shot the making videos of Akhil’s upcoming movie and they have released them on regular basis.