Rajasekhar on affair with Tara Choudhary!!


Rajasekhar-Tara-ChoudharyHero Rajasekhar scored a hit in the form of Garudavega after a long gap. The film success has given terrific confidence to him and he shared many things.

The actor said that if his mother’s untimely death (just before Garudavega movie release) depressed him the movie success gave him courage.

When asked about his rumoured affair with Tara Choudhary the actor admitted that he is no Sri Rama and that he had run affairs with some people prior to his marriage.

Shockingly Rajasekhar also admitted of having relationship with some after marrying Jeevitha but said never with Tara Choudhary. He said that she took a picture with him once and that was the first time he ever saw her. Rajasekhar said she met him for another time but there was no affair between them.

If everyone is honest and truthful about affairs, probably we will have serious shock of our lives!