What Rajinikanth Did To Me, I’m Doing It Back


Rajnikanth-Did-To-MeCurrently, many actresses are breaking the norms and long-set stereotypes that generally star heroines refrain doing from. While the likes of Kajal and Tamanna are teaming up with young heroes in the wake of big-film offers coming down, beautiful Mallu lady Nayantara is intentionally picking films of less popular and heroes who don’t have huge stardom.

Refuting rumours that she’s doing films with young heroes only because she’s being offered crores of remuneration, Nayantara shared an interesting thing. “As I’m working from a long time, maybe my star status is helping me get a fat pay cheque, but pairing on screen with lesser popular heroes is something else,” she says, adding the reason behind this.

“When I’m fresh into the industry, Superstar Rajnikanth worked with me by giving an offer. So it’s now my time to reciprocate the same by becoming part of films that will have new and young heroes. It is my way of giving it back”, said Nayantara, sharing the reason. Some may believe or some may not, but she says, this is utter truth behind her motive.

At the moment, Nayan has almost half a dozen films in her hand in Tamil that fall in various genres including Balakrishna’s 101st film and Tamil-Telugu dark comedy Co Co.