Rajinikanth’s Kabali Storyline Revealed


Rajinikanth-about-chiruBut why has the director specifically chosen places like Malaysia and Singapore? The answer, it seems lies in the connection between some of the Asian countries and Indian labourers, as reported by IndiaGlitz.

It is a known fact that behind the extravagant and imposing infrastructure of places like Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai, lies the drudgery and hardship of Indian labourers who work on the basis of contracts.

Kabali it is said, is about these labourers and their possible connection with an Indian don, played by ‘Thalaivar’ Rajinikanth in his most convincing avatar till date.

Director Ranjith’s previous flick Madras, housed a strong theme that was cleverly hidden behind a ‘wall’. Now going by this latest report on Kabali, looks like this Rajinikanth starrer might have a strong social message cloaked under Rajinikanth’s role of a don.

Meanwhile, actress Dhansika of Aravaan fame has confirmed her inclusion in the film. Sources close to the project have indicated that the dusky beauty will play the role of a young drug addict.