Rajini’s First Call After Returning From Singapore


RajinikanthWhom do think Rajinikanth made his first call after returning from Singapore where he had been treated for illness at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre four years ago? It was none other than Superstar’s Associate Jayaraman who worked with him for 24 years.

Actually, Jayaraman fell sick at the time when Rajinikanth was in Singapore. Soon after returning from Singapore, The Actor telephoned his former Associate to inquire he was doing well and also asked him to meet him. Rajinikanth and Jayaraman had tears in their eyes when they came face-to-face with each other during that meeting. That’s the kind of bonding they developed over the years!

Jayaram is currently into Production and floated JPR Productions to make films. Rajinikanth advised him to make films which suits the taste of present generation and spend money wisely.