Rakul Preet Singh’s ‘Friendship’


Rakul-Preeth-SinghIf two celebs, especially a handsome hunk and charming lady are maintaining that proximity everywhere, then onlookers think about every possible relation between them except friendship. Irrespective of such fanatic cries made by onlookers and gossip mongers, some celebs however continue doing with whatever they like. Same is the case with heroine Rakul Preet Singh.

This hot and tall Punjabi lady scored her first brownie with Sandeep Kishan’s ‘Venkatadri Express’. Since then she is on friendly terms with her hero. Almost for all the audio functions of Sandeep, this lady made her guest appearance. Irrespective of who is the heroine of that particular movie’s function, Rakul attended the events. Before the release of ‘Tiger’, she has shared a specially made dubsmash video along with Regina Casandra, to encourage Sandeep.

By that time, it is being widely spread that there is something beyond friendship between these two. However, Sandeep and Rakul have reached a saturation point, where they don’t want to give any other clarities, by continue their friendship as is.

Biggest shock to gossip mongers is that Rakul Preet has splashed for a second in ‘Tiger’, when the other hero and heroine discuss about the lucky one Sandeep gets married to. That might trigger more food for thought, but still Rakul is said to be becoming part of all these acts just for friendship’s sake.

Even Sandeep asked recently, ‘I’ve worked with so many heroines other than Rakul, but why this issue only with Rakul?’