Rakul Preet Singh’s Most Embarrassing Moment


Rakul-Preet-SinghNo matter how big a star he or she might be Today. Everyone have the Most Embarrassing Moment of the life and Raul Preet Singh is no different.

Rakul: “It was in my First Standard. I can’t control if I feel like going to the bathroom. Since childhood, I drink a lot of water. It was when I was writing the exam, I told the teacher I want to go to the loo. But, The Teacher said finish the exam and go. How can such a small kid copy? When asked the Teacher to come with me, She said ‘no excuses’. I somehow finished my paper and ran to the desk to give it to the teacher. I cried and cried a lot! I was then 5-6 years old. That’s my most embarrassing moment”.

In her childhood, Rakul used to be like a tomboy and her male friends used to treat her like a boy. If some of her childhood friends meet her now, They would certainly question – “it’s you who became an actress?”