Rakul Preet Singh’s New Costly Watch


Normally actors and actresses do get costly gifts from the companies they endorse as ‘good-will’ presents during certain occasions.

All they have to do is post a good picture highlighting it and that’s enough for them. If you don’t have an ambassador you can send those watches to many others and ask them to pose as well.

Anybody in this world will be happy to receive expensive gifts and Rakul Preet Singh too got really thrilled watching her watch.

Tissot, the major watch manufacturer, sent her a gift from their new collection on Women’s Day.

The watches manufactured by them are highly costly and the price starts from 30,000 and can go upto 3 crores as well. The manufacturer also allows you to customize them.

Rakul Preet Singh, happily shared the pic of her wearing the watch on Instagram. Well, looking at her watch at least few people will think about ordering it and the company got their promotion done on Women’s Day too. Great plan, isn’t it?