Rakul Preet Wants To Fall In Love


Rakul Preet Singh is unquestionably the most happening babe in Telugu cinema. On the screen, she is very well in business signing prestigious project while off the screen too, Rakul’s new business ventures are paying off superb. Apparently, she is also set to make waves in Bollywood.

To the core point, how come such a beautiful girl like Rakul will respond to the questions on love affairs and love letters in personal life.

‘I did not really get the opportunity to fall in love during college days as I am into modelling field during the same time of my education. So I never thought of falling in love. Of course, no one ran after me saying I Love You. I did not get even one love letter. I used to ask my friends why am I not getting love letters when they are flooded with many.

After becoming heroine, many Fans told me ‘Madam I like you.. I will marry you.

In my school days, one of my five friends fell in love. When their parents did not agree, we planned to perform her marriage in the lines of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayange. Finally her parents agreed for marriage.I felt happy when her parents told me that they cannot get a better guy than the one she loved.

Even I too feel like loving someone. But I should have the time and opportunity. I do not know when a right person comes across in my life. When I told my mother, she clearly asked me not to burden my self with this marriage responsibility. So, my mom is taking care of all these,’ said Rakul.