RakulPreet Singh And Taapsee Pannu spotted at Copa in Juhu


We have seen few actresses in their penchant to find great opportunities elsewhere, they have been targeting the casting couch and movie making progress in TFI.

With their comments, they have been able to stay in the news, before their films took off box office wise.

Now, when they don’t need much publicity they are happy to wear what they like and party as harder as they can.

We are not against their dressing sense but unnecessary comments on TFI to just gain publicity does hurt.

Tapsee Pannu, yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about her. She has been commenting about TFI whenever she needs publicity and then partying in such short dresses.

She spoke as if she never wanted to wear short dresses when her characters have been seen as a today’s girl representation by directors. Anyways, she is with Rakul Preet Singh, who is trying her luck in Bollywood.

But they both have a difference, Rakul Preet did not comment on TFI rather she supported its work culture for which she faced wrath of few woman activists.