Rakul’s S3X Craving


Rakul-Sex-CravingAfter a long wait and few missed chances to be a part of Mahesh babu movie, Rakul finally got into Spyder. Unfortunately, her role was designed at awful best and one wonders how she agreed to act in such unimportant role, though she remains the main female lead of the film. Her character given by Murugadoss turned hot topic, as her roles in previous films like Nannaku Prematho and recent Jaya Janaki Nayaka were involving and important too. Though some of her roles were just glam dolls, she grew to top league by choosing worthy roles. Now that the role played by her in Spyder could not impress Telugu audience and not even her fans.

Rakul gets introduced in the film as a nerdy girl loves to have sex, after she watches porn for hours together. She defines a logic of improving her academic score to 98 percent, only by staying away from ‘love’ yet she wants to have sex on a blind date only to gain her focus and concentration back. She appears for a few times in the first half just before the songs and not even for that time in second half. Being one of the top league actresses in Telugu cinema, Rakul could have chosen a better role to play rather going ahead with a porn watching-sex craving nerdish girl. 

Looks like she signed in the film only because she did not want to miss a chance to act with Mahesh babu. It is better if Rakul tries to bag decent roles, and just being a glam doll is way better than her awkward role in Spyder.