Ram Charan to begin work after 5 months break


Ram-Charan(1)Ram Charan has got no film started after his recent release, Govindhudu Andari Vaadele. The actor was to begin a film by Srinu Vaitla after Govindhudu Andari Vaadele. He has grown cautious after Aagadu defeat and tailored some changes in the movie script. We are said that Vaitla is fine tuning the script and may finish it in January.

However Ram Charan has got no hurry and will be starting the film only in February with a Bound Script. Which means the actor will be donning the grease paint 5 months after his last release. Vakkantham Vamsi has worked with Vaitla on this story.

Earlier Charan wanted to make a film before Vaitla gets ready but some how he dropped the idea. The actor has got good following in the masses and off late is looking to consolidate his position in family audience. The first step in the direction is Krishna Vamsi’s Govindhudu Andari Vaadele. If Vaitla manages to come out with a family entertainer like Dookudu, Charan will further cement his place in A class audience. We will have to see if Vaitla can do that!