Ram Charan Lays ‘Outsider’ Condition To Puri Jagan?


Ram-Charan-and-Puri-JaganDirector Puri Jagan’s track record isn’t getting set no matter which hero gives him dates these days. Lame stories and outdated ideas are hampering all the good work he has done in the past.

A report is doing rounds that recently Puri Jagan approached Ram Charan with a new story. After directing the mega power star’s debut flick, this dashing director hasn’t ever got a chance to direct his second with him. But like a Mahesh’s Jana Gana Mana, this script hasn’t got a straight approval from the mega camp.

We hear that Charan has laid the condition of ‘outsider’ in order for Puri Jagan to direct him again. Outsider in the sense, the mega hero wants a story written by someone else rather than Puri’s own, a source shared. In the recent times, when Puri directed Vakkantam’s Temper, he scored the big hit but otherwise, all of his films ended with a similar result.

Will Puri Jagan accept the conditions and gets ready to work with Ram Charan? With another movie featuring Venkatesh in the pipeline after his son’s Mehbooba, the dashing director might take some time to think about this.