Ram Charan Spoiling Diwali Plans Too


Ram-Charan-and-Salman-KhanDespite getting a flop talk, “Bruce Lee” is giving good competition to all yesterday’s releases like Kanche, Raju gari Gadhi and Colombus, and that’s where the talk of star-power arises. Released on October 22nd, this Ram Charan film has showcased its impact on all Dasara releases.

If we have to say that Dasara got totally owned by Mega heroes, Ram Charan is now hijacking Diwali too. Other heroes and their films that are in Diwali race are now feeling sad that this Mega hero is spoiling their plans. Well, there is no film of Ram Charan ready for release, with nothing going to shoot at all after Bruce Lee.

But as the news got out that he’s dubbing for Salman Khan for “Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo” Telugu version, many distributors are running after this flick. As the release date is November 12th, Salman is eyeing Telugu release on same date. In that case people will feel the punch of Charan yet again in theatres, and that’s what worrying others.