Is Ram Charan Still Not Ready For Boyapati?


Boyapati Srinu is one of the most sought after directors in Telugu Cinema. He managed to deliver hits with many stars like Allu Arjun, Balakrishna and Ravi Teja.

But the director is facing a criticism that his movies have routine story and different action sequences. Hence, Ram Charan Tej, asked him for a complete new story it seems.

The director did tell him a point and the movie production started too. One schedule of shooting has also been completed.

Ram Charan Tej, still did not join the shooting and people have been saying that he has asked Boyapati Srinu, to narrate him complete script before he joins the shoot.

Many thought that the script has been locked, when Boyapati started the shoot. Till few days back, Ram Charan has been busy with Rangasthalam shoot and hence, he did not change his get-up.

But as the sources say the shooting is over, still Ram Charan is in the same get up and this is giving rise to many new doubts and speculations.

Is Ram Charan not interested in Boyapati Srinu’s film? Or the shooting of Rangasthalam is still not over? We can only know, when the actor decides to let us clearly know, what is happening around him.