Ram Charan welcomes a new family member!


Ram-Charan-welcomes-a-new-fRam Charan Tej, is known for his philanthropy and love for rare breeds of horses. From very young age, Charan has an affiliation for horses and he is known as a good horse rider as well. He has great support from his wife, Upasana as well.

So, when we say Ram Charan welcomes a new family member it is not about his wife being a pregnant or adopting a human child but the couple have accepted horses as part of their family and treat them as their extended family. Upasana shared a pic of an infant horse with Ram Charan and gladly welcomed him into her family.  Sharing the pic she said, ” A new member joined our family. I like this young beauty very much. At the time of this pic, the horse is all but 3 hours in age.” Even Cherry extremely happy with the addition to his family as he kept playing with the horse.

Right now, Charan is busy spending some quality time in divine service after completing the first schedule of his movie with Sukumar. He for the first time shot in godavari districts and the young couple have enjoyed the experience by meeting many fans and visiting near by temples. On the last day, they shared the video of a boat ride on godavari as well.Charan-welcomes-a-new-family-member