Ram Gopal Varma at it again… tells Pawan to control fans


Reacting to twitter campaigns of his alleged death by fans of actor Pawan Kalyan, Ram Gopal Verma tweeted that instead working for farmers the Jana Sena chief should work for his fans.

Some of the tweets of Ram Gopal Varma are as follows:

“I think more than for farmers PK shud work for the development of his fans..because farmers never bought his tickets.”

“I request Mahesh fans to translate my English tweets as a social service to illiterates nd technically handicapped.”

“As a Mega Power fan of PK fan, my request to all illiterate PK fans is to atleast learn from Mahesh fans.”

“U can kill me in thoughts but can’t kill my thoughts…illiterates nd technically handicapped ppl can’t understand.”

“As a mega fan of PK my request to PK fans is to become literate nd not make him feel embarrassed about his own fans.”

“English in this is proof of PK fans illiteracy ..More than help for farmers PK shud start schools for his fans.”

“Like I said this is reality of PK fans..hope they will get less uncivilised and his Twitter following will increase.”CQp0dPVWUAEHz-B