Ram Gopal Varma satires on political leaders


RGV-satire-on-political-leaRam Gopal Varma is one filmmaker who doesn’t hesitate to voice out his opinions on anything and anybody. But he has always stayed away from politics and political issues. But it looks like even he is not saved from the ongoing Telangana crisis in Andhra Pradesh. So he also jumped in to give his thoughts on that.

Taking to Twitter, RGV mentioned – ‘Not getting into technicalities I find it ironical that an Italian a Kannadiga a Tamilian a Bihari and a Hindi joined hands to divide Telugus.’ This is something many should think about. Though RGV is not much into politics his question has a lot of common sense which must be answered by our politicians.

Reactions are flowing in for RGV’s statement and many are agreeing to what he says. But we don’t know if he will continue his statement flow or switch to some other topic. Soon, he will be coming up with ‘Satya 2’ and we have to see if he has included any dialogue or two in this film regarding Telangana.

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