Ram trains in Thai Boxing


Ram-trains-in-Thai-BoxingActor Ram has a new passion. It’s Thai boxing! The actor flew all the way to Thailand to hone his skills in the train in the martial art. The diminutive actor did more than just pick up the sport. Admittedly the boxing coach was so impressed by Ram’s ability that he even asked the actor to stay back and fight for his team.

“He did not know I was an actor. I just went there as just another student,” shares Ram adding, “He was so impressed with my skills that he wanted me to stay back and be part of his team of fighters.”

Well, the actor is known to be a perfectionist at heart, and he sure seems to have lived up to the tag. Guess we could expect Ram flaunting his newly acquired Thai Boxing skills on the big screen soon. We wonder is there is a martial arts film in the offing.

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