Rama Naidu’s Heir Is Finally Here


Full grip on the industry.. Strong background.. Sufficient amount of money.. Family support.. and handsome physique.. what else is needed for an actor to test his luck in the industry. There is nothing interesting in a person aspiring to become an actor. But, wouldn’t it be surprising to see a person who is not interested in acting despite having all the qualities?

Daggubati Suresh is one of the most acclaimed producers in the industry. His elder son Rana Daggubati also became a hero is currently one of the star heroes in the industry. His second son Abhiram was also expected to become a hero once. They even made trials to launch him by the well-known producers. But it seems like Suresh has dropped his idea. As Rana has already proved his talent as an actor, Suresh has given the production side responsibilities to Abhiram.

Just like how he became a producer being a son of legendary producer Rama Naidu and his brother Venkatesh became a hero, Suresh thought it would be better for his sons to do the same. Abhiram who has already seen some production works before, has accepted his father’s words and is planning to focus more on production. So, Abhiram is going to continue the legacy of Rama Naidu and Suresh.