Rambabu fate lies in Dil Raju hands!


Dil-RajuSunil Verma has been trying hard to please audience with his movies but he has hit a rock bottom in his career with two movies, Krishnaastami, Eedu Gold Ehe disasters. He is finding it difficult to release Ungarala Rambabu and now he is waiting for the producer, Dil Raju who has been the most successful this year with his films from Nenu Local, Shathamanam Bhavathi and Fidaa.

If he watches the movie and agrees to release, then the movie producers can breathe easy as they are unable to find a distributor who is ready to invest in their film. Even though Kranthi Madhav got a huge name with Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju, people are not ready to invest on Sunil has his movies has lost the credibility in public and they are fearing if the movie can get an opening.

Well, Dil Raju will be watching the movie this week and he had many times watched movies and did not buy them with many reasons. What will he say for Rambabu has been an interesting point of discussion among Industry Insiders?! Even though the producers have announced 18th of August as the release date., they need the blessings of Dil Raju for sure.