Ramuism Vs Pawanism : Similarities


rgv-pawanismThe mania of Pawan Kalyan has become so high that a new trend called Pawanism came into being and many started creating a lot of buzz about that. It is being defined as the mindset and ideology of Pawan Kalyan. But in between that, few groups came up with the theory that Pawanism has similarity with Ramuism. Ramuism is the concept started by fans of Ram Gopal Varma and it talks about his philosophy towards life in a very independent manner.

Some groups tried to create a bad image for Pawan taking the examples of his personal life, the Renu Desai issue etc. But to tell the truth, these cults don’t have anything to do with personal lives. The reason why Ram Gopal Varma has become famous is because of his works and everyone knows how he leads his life personally. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan’s fan following comes from his films and his approach but not due to his personal life. Hope this clarity is there in the minds of everyone.