Ramyakrishna too admires Sweety’s performance


Baahubali-1st-day-CollectionsIt is somewhere around 18 years ago, Ramyakrishna excelled in a character called Neelambari in Narasimha (Padiyappa in Tamil) movie of Rajanikant. Her powerful performance continues to remain in the memories of the Telugu/Tamil audiences. After a long time, once again Ramyakrishna had got such a powerful character called ‘Sivagami’ in Bahubali. When she utters the dialogue… ‘Idi naa maata… Naa maate Shasanam…’ was so powerfully modulated in her voice and made the audiences to admire that such character cannot be essayed by any other artiste.

Anushka (Sweety) had an equal and powerful character in this film called Devasena and her screen presence cannot be just shrugged off. When we compare the performance of Ramyakrishna and Anushka, who will weigh more? Rajamouli considers Ramyakrishna as a high-rated actress. At the same time, he elevated the heroism in the heroine too and lifted Anushka to weigh more or less equal to Sivagami character.

Anushka humbly admits that Ramyakrishna is a great performer. On the other hand, Ramyakrishna admires Anushka that she is a hard worker and claims that her demeanour is so sweet as a person and compliments that she might have been called ‘Sweety’ as she was so sweet towards others. In an interview, Anushka says, ‘Artistes rarely get to play a character from young to old. I feel that Rajamouli sir has given me a whole arc of a woman’s life… a young girl, a woman and later a mother… the transformation is quite beautiful.’