Rana Daggubati warns TV9 Anchor


Proving his talent with Baahubali, where he locked horns with two heirs to the throne in his typical Bhallaladeva style, actor Rana Daggubati is going places. He’s now coming up with “Nenu Raju Nene Mantri”, carved under Teja’s direction and releasing this Friday.

To make the most of this movie, Rana Daggubati took a leaf out of Dhanush’s stunt on a popular news channel and repeated it. When the anchor questioned about the drugs parcel thing, Rana is seen shouting at her in anger, “Don’t irritate me with stupid questions”. Those who have seen this promo are not very much convinced as we could notice that acting-like smile on Rana’s face.

Guess what, this promo became a funny video in no time as the original interview clip of the interview was also aired by the TV channel. In that clip, when the anchor asked about how a celebrity feels when stones are thrown at him, Rana Daggubatli explained what really happened that day. Excise officials asked him to open the parcel while video-graphing the whole thing on a camera, and when Rana opened the parcel, there is only a piece of furniture in it.

“I just showed him it’s a furniture piece and then asked them money. Because they have shot with me know and posing to cameras for money is my profession” Rana said jokingly.

That’s fine Rana, but the misleading promo by attacking an anchor verbally is not a good publicity stunt to do. Because that will make everyone believe that there is no content inside the film and Rana is promoting the film extensively because of that.