This Is Why Rana Gave Up Smoking


Nene-raju-nene-mantri-theatPeople believe that film celebrities have all the bad habits.  That’s the reason why people are not completely denying the drugs allegations on Tollywood celebrities.  But Rana Daggubati is saying that don’t think too bad about film celebrities.  He said that there were allegations on him also about the drug usage.. there are allegations even now on him.  But he clarified that he never used drugs.

He said that he used to smoke cigarettes.. but he stopped smoking sometime back.  He explained how he was habituated to smoking in a recent interview. He said that “I habituated cigarette for a movie.  I quit smoking for another film.  When I worked for ‘Leader’ I got habituated to smoking.  There were some scenes in the film where hero smokes. I started smoking for the film but it became a habit for me later.  I thought of quitting the habit..but I have never taken it seriously. It has become a problem for my profession.”

“When I was dubbing my voice for ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’, there was a difference in my voice. I had trouble because of the cough.  Usually, I’m good at dubbing my voice. But I found the difference now. My voice is no 100% in the dubbing.  So, I have approached a doctor.  He asked me whether I smoke cigarettes or not. I said -Yes. He advised me to stop smoking immediately.  It is the only bad habit I have. I quit it because it is causing trouble to my profession.”