Rana in Pakistan Sub Marine Film


Rana-in-PakistanDaggubati Rana is going new highs with each film. His selection of scripts and picking of directors has been so special. After the ‘Bahubali’ monstrous success, he is listening to a mysterious script from Hyderabad based debutant Sankalp based on suspicious sinking of Pakistan Tench-Class-diesel-electric submarine PNS Ghazi.

This submarine was actually leased by Pakistan from the USA Government in 1963 to lead the first Pakistan sub marine attacks on India in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars. The script is based on the dramatic events went underwater before it sank in 1971 on east coast of India. There are different arguments on this sinking. While Pakistan Government suspected an internal explosion or accidental detonation as the possible reasons behind the submarine blast, Indian officials conclude INS Rajput destroyed PNS Ghazi.

Blue Fish, a book written by Sankalp exploring the possible events led to sinking of Ghazi off the Visakhapatnam coast will be the benchmark for whole script. Rana enjoyed the freshness in script and he expressed readiness to work on this experiment. When it is a film on submarine subject, obviously major part of shooting is likely to be done underwater.