Rana and Sunny Leone are joining hands


Rana-and-Sunny-LeoneUnlike in the past, including cricket so many other sports and games are gaining huge recognition in our country. For instance, we have already witnessed the grand success of Kabaddi premiere league. Now another game came into limelight. So many celebrities are coming forward to buy the teams of this sport or to become the brand ambassador of it.

The sport is not foot ball or badminton, its Futsal. Futsal is a variant of football. Tollywood hero Rana Daggubati and Bollywood beauty Sunny Leone are showing interest in this sport. Sunny Leone is going to the co-owner and brand ambassador of Kerala Cobras team, and Rana will be seen as the new face of Telugu Tigers team in the second edition of Futsal.

The season is all set to start from 15th of September, and the matches will be conducted in Mumbai and Bangalore. As these two top artists are involved, Futsal is gaining so much of craze.