Rana and Trisha – The Fling Unexplained


Rana-and-TrishaFriendship. That is what stud Rana Daggubati and dusky Trisha Krishnan comment about the ‘fling’ that is brewing between them. Whole of onlookers are ready to name it as a passionate breeze, but Rana has simply played it down. And the couple’s radiating presence at K Raghavendra Rao son’s reception party led to building castles of rumors in the air about this couple that were never-seen together on screen.

Rana’s viewpoint is different. Trisha’s comment is just silence. But when the two walked hand-in-hand the other day, many knotted threads are easily undone. Onlookers got a different perspective about the duo. When the Chennai siren has avoided the flash-glare and lens men pouncing there, something was very obvious. She doesn’t want to get caught in a simple red-carpet situation that will lead to non-stop discussions about her personal life. And that reclusive act, is leading to more gossiping now.

At the recently concluded SIIMA awards, then at Shahrukh’s special late night party in Mumbai, and at a special dinner hosted by Telugu Associations in USA, both Trisha and Rana are spotted together, whether it is just an accidental meet or intentional attendance. Even many best-friends are not fancied that often together, but these two are. To conclude, the ‘fling’ remains unexplained.