Rana’s Classic Speech At Ted Ex


Technology is playing a key role in everyone’s lives right now. The technology is driving everyone’s lives from day to day and creating a huge influence. Ted Ex has recently conducted a conference on Technology, Design and Entertainment where Rana Daggubati graced the event and impressed with his speech.

Rana Daggubati started his speech on an interesting note by telling that Mahatma Gandhi looks like Ben King and Adolf Hitler looks like Charlie Chaplin. The actor clearly explained the changes that took place in the film industry from the beginning. “Harischandra is the first film made in India and the industry underwent a transformation from time to time. My grandfather who hails from a small village began film production with the film Ramudu Bheemudu. He later entered the film distribution and film exhibition as well.” said Rana Daggubati.

Rana Daggubati also revealed that they have created the infrastructure that supported the sound engineers and graphics. “We always updated ourselves with the invention of the new technology which is always necessary.” said Rana adding, “The virtual reality and augmented reality is going to overtake the technology in the coming days. We can also experience a star coming directly to our home and performing for us with the help of technology.”

Rana surprised everyone by giving the entire credit to the technology experts and said that he is just being a help for them.