Randeep Hooda penalized for public smoking


Randeep-Hooda-public-smokinSmoking in public places is prohibited seriously in many parts of India and especially Rajasthan Prohibition of Smoking and Non-Smokers Health Protection Act, 1999 is followed in Rajasthan. A bollywood hero was caught in the camera while puffing a cigarette and got penalized for public smoking.

Here is the story in detail folks, still budding hero Randeep Hooda has lighted a cigarette at a shoot break of his film Bad in director of Pojja Bhatt in Udaipur. This incident has taken place where offices of all top administrative and civic officers of the city are situated.

Within few minutes police has arrived at the spot and a fine of 200 rupees has been imposed on the basics of Rajasthan Anti Smoking Act. Randeep was lucky that no official compliant has been filed on him bcoz of less crowd and if compliant was given then he would have taken to jail. Smokers BEWARE and smoke at places where smoking is allowed officially.