Rape is in the mind not clothes: Rashmi


RashmiEven when the entire country is shocked and horrified after a small girl aged 6 was raped by skating tutor and his assistant at a posh school in Bangalore, the male chauvinists continue to wag their tongues trying to put the blame on women and their dressing.

Currently, the Jabardasth girl, Rashmi who has successfully taken over Anasuya as the show host, had faced attack from men!

The anchor Rashmi Gautam was targeted by men at social networking site accusing her dressing and fashion as reasons to prompt unusual rape instincts among men.

With men trying to point out that her tight black shorts revealing her thighs to be responsible for increasing rape culture in India, the model cum actress quickly retorted to the trolls saying, “Rape is in the mind, not in the clothes.”

To all those dumbo bimbos who want to blame fashion clothing, one question what was the little girl in school wearing to prompt rape instinct in so called ‘Teacher?’ So rape is in the mind as Rashmi dear put, period!