Rashmi Gautam is tired of horror films


Actress Rashmi Gautam who was once on a signing spree, has now decided to take it easy. The actress states that she already has enough of horror films in her bag and wants to focus on other genres now. “I have done a couple of films in the horror genre, and since then I have been approached with similar scripts. But I am tired of listening to scripts of horror films and I don’t understand why people approach me for such roles,” she questions adding, “Horror and thriller films are succeeding at the box office for various reasons; they have an engaging plot, special effects, a gripping narrative, etc. I don’t want to do films for the sake of signing projects.”

Rashmi believes that the digital market is the next big thing. “My television stint is going great and I am also excited with the prospect of doing web series, which gives a new lease of life to my work. Top stars too are making their way to into this emerging market and I am open to foraying into this platform.”

The actress adds that she owes her fame to her television stint. “Whatever I am today is all because of the small screen, because of which I was able to directly connect with the audience. Today, people come to the theatres to watch my films because I have a strong recall value.”

Meanwhile, she’s also pleased with the response her comedy TV show, Anubhavinchu Raja, is garnering.