Rashmi-Sudheer’ Wedding Video Goes Viral


The top two names which often appears on the Tollywood gossip list are Rashmi and Sudigali Sudheer. Both of them got popular with the Jabardasth show. So many rumours have been breaking out that the duo is going to get married soon. But can you believe that these two celebrities are inviting all the other celebrities and tying the Knot grandly?

Recently a small video of their wedding celebrations went viral on the internet. The fans felt elated to see this and started congratulating them. But in reality, this is not a real marriage. This is just the promo for the upcoming program ‘Aha Naa Pellanta’ which is going to get aired on Ugadi. The promo starts with Rashmi and Sudheer going to the Jabardasth judges Roja and Nagababu and giving their them their wedding invitations. Then the rest of the video features their wedding celebrations.

But why do they have to do such Hungama just for a promo of a TV show? They’ve already been facing so many rumours that they are in a relationship. Are they going to make it official? The audience is surprised to see them inviting the others by giving invitations. But why such drama just for a fake wedding? However, the Rashmi weds Sudheer video is currently trending on the internet.