Rashmi’s Counter To Her ‘Rasaleelalu Videos’


Rashmi Gautham is a popular Telugu TV personality who has been working hard to impress the fans and audiences. She has an immense following on social media and very often she gets trolled by netizens unnecessarily. But, Rashmi who does not lose her strength gives it back to them. Recently, few people have made unnecessary comments to her for which she retorted.

A person tweeted Rashmi saying, “Iwill give proofs first to net .see it in YouTube soon rashmi rasaleelau” to which Rashmi said, “And you get off you tube and social sites and get some consensual action in real life prolly then u will stop stalking and snooping into others personal life. And no I’m a bad girl and I’m more than fine being a bitch deal with it Or just unfollow #Simple”

On the other hand, her fans begged this person who has been making comments as Rashmi Rasaleelalu to delete his tweets but bold Rashmi asked her fans not to do that. She said, “Dude just leave it that guy needs a shrink. Ranting today on my wall is prolly the Highest point of his life. Let him live in his Lala land he is irrelevant.”

It looks like Rashmi is having a tough time dealing with this people.

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