Ratham Trailer: RX 100 Hangover!


Low-Budgeted Films have been following the Lip-lock Trend to garner the attention of public. Passionate kiss in the promo song of ‘Ratham’ raised many eye-brows already. Theatrical Trailer unveiled now establishes the fact that it’s a pucca commercial film.

Romantic Track of the Lead Pair (Geethanand and Chandni Bhagwanani) is the major highlight of ‘Ratham’. Youth gonna throng the theatres screening this movie only because of the intimate scenes. Masses, on the other hand, would appreciate the action blocks.

Some of the dialogues in the Trailer are sensible – ‘Manchivadu Pakkintlo Unte Manodura Antam, Ade Manintlo Unte Ivanni Manakendukura Antam’.

Kanuri Chandrasekhar wielded the megaphone. Raja Darapuneni bankrolled this Love-cum-Action entertainer. Can this movie be another ‘RX 100’?

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