Ravi Teja is Jim Carrey of Tollywood: Hansika


ravi-teja-latestThe year 2014 seems to be a busy one for you, with seven films in your kitty…

Yes, I’m super busy this year and frankly speaking, it’s a conscious decision to take on so many projects.There was a time when I hardly had two to three films in hand and I used to pray for a day like this when I won’t have the time for anything else, but shooting. Now that the time is here,I’m enjoying it. I’m happy with the way my career is shaping up and I don’t regret anything because this is what I’ve always wanted. In fact, when people ask me where I live these days, I say ‘I live out of my suitcase’ (laughs).

You sound very ambitious…

Yes, I am very ambitious. I am 22 now and I have a long way to go. People come up to me and say, ‘you’re going great guns, you’re here for 5 years, 10 years, blah blah…’ Honestly speaking, I don’t count the days or years of my career, because I love entertaining people and I’m here to work till the time I can. I prefer working in the South film industry than Bollwyood because people out here make me feel very welcome. It’s not that I don’t get offers from Bollywood, I do. But I’m happy with the kind of projects I get here. The kind of connect I have with the South Indian film industry and my fans drives me to work harder.

With such a busy schedule, do you have time for your personal life?

Well, I don’t have much time for my personal life. But like I said earlier, this is something I always wanted. So, I’m fine with it. See, all my friends have just finished college and are now thinking of what to do in life. At 22, I am at the peak of my career, whereas my friends will get here when they are 33, probably. So, I’m happy for myself and have no regrets. My work is my personal life.

How do you look at competition from actresses like Tamannaah, Samantha and ilk?

I’m a very secure person and don’t believe in competition. Right now, I have 10 movies in hand. I have to compete with myself because I need to get better with every film I do. I don’t want to waste time thinking, ‘uska woh film toh hit ho gaya’ and all that stuff. In fact,if I like somebody’s work, I call and congratulate him/her. I genuinely feel happy for them. And I think that’s one of the reasons I have goodwill in the industry. You won’t hear of me having cat-fights with anyone.

Your break-up with Simbu was much-talked about…

I don’t want to talk about things I’m not comfortable with. For the record, when the right time comes, I will definitely speak about it. Also, people keep asking me about my marriage plans. I had not decided to be an actress at the age of 15, but it happened. Similarly, when the right time comes, and when my mother and I feel that I should get married, I will.

What’s next in Tollywood?

I’m doing a Ravi Teja film titled Power. We have started shooting for it and hence, I keep coming to Hyderabad often. I know Ravi sir for a long time and he’s a very generous person. He’s the Jim Carrey of Tollywood. Then, there’s Durga with Naga Chaitanya. I might also do a Tamil-Telugu bilingual with Vishnu Manchu, which I have been waiting for a long time to start. I don’t know much about the project, except that it would be his production.