Raviteja eagerly waits for Ram Charan decision!


Raviteja-and-Ram-CharanAkhil Akkineni’s debut movie is all set for Dussehra release on September 21st. The movie shooting is nearing completion and the movie is well on track for Dussehra release. On the other side, Ram Charan’s Merupu is still maintaining suspense over its release. The makers have already announced that they will be coming on September 15th but doubts still linger as the shooting if very far for completion.

So far only 60-65% of the movie is completion. On the other side, Raviteja is eagerly observing the developments in the Mega camp. If at all Merupu is postponed, his other film, Bengal Tiger will be releasing for Dussehra. The makers of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy also may try to release their film if Merupu is not releasing.

On the other side, the makers of Merupu are keen on not losing the Dussehra advantage. The dubbing works of the movie already began couple of days ago and are going on at brisk pace. The movie shooting is going on at brisk pace in Hyderabad and after this schedule, they will fly to Thailand for a major schedule there.