Raviteja speaks about ‘Death’


Ravi-Teja-to-remake-SpecialMass maharaja Raviteja who recently entertained with ‘Power’ is currently busy with ‘Kick 2’ under Surender Reddy’s direction. He is also starring in Bengal Tiger under Sampath Nandi’s direction.

Much to the surprise of all he spoke about death. When asked whether he will relax after all the hard work he did to reach to the stop, he said he deleted word ‘relax’ from his dictionary and for him ‘death’ is the only relaxation.
He says he believes in some super power but will not trouble God going to temple. He said he does not believe in luck as success comes to people who give 99% hard work. He says at most he thinks about a day or two ahead and not more than that. He revealed that he hates summer.

When asked why he never talks about his family, he says, he will never takes work to his house. He said has has a son and a daughter. His daughter Mokshata is in 6th and his sir Madhan is in 3rd. He says his son imitates him beautifully and he cannot match him.