RC11: No AC shoot but only mega heat


No-AC-shoot-but-only-mega-heroIt is known that Ram Charan-Sukumar combo movie regular shoot kickstarted recently in Rajamundry.  Due to the Summer,  the heat in most parts of Andhra Pradesh has touched 40 degree Celcius.  As Rajahmundry located in coastal area.. temperature will be one or two degrees less.

Even though it is a scorching heat, Sukumar is continuing the shoot.  The buzz says taht,  some portion of the film shoot should be carried out in the heat as per the script.  As Cherry is so confident on director Sukumar, he is extending him full support in the shoot.. without considering the scorching heat. Similarly Samantha is said to be cooperating with Sukumar.  Apart from the natural heat.. lights used by the film unit is said to be making the shooting location literally a frying pan.

But still the unit is continuing the shoot as the script requires it.  The unit has to continue the schedule for few more weeks as per the update.  Even though they will take a small break, they have to come back and continue the shoot in the same area.