Real Chiru & Balayya Fans don’t do that!: Krish


Krish‘Jai Balayya’ & ‘Kabardaar’ comments at ‘Gautamiputra Satakarni’ has drawn criticism towards Director Krish. The filmmaker has given a befitting reply to those who had an issue out of it unnecessarily.

Krish: ‘I have a very clean mind. Balayya should be given credit to accept such a subject. Gone are the days where Directors & Producers have control over a project. It’s hero who will decide what to do! If not for Allu Arjun, ‘Vedam’ wouldn’t have been that way. He has put in his heart and also invested money to convey my visions. That’s why I keep telling that Allu Arjun hasn’t become a Zirafi but remained human. I’m a close friend of Charan even before entering the Industry. I have a lot of respect for Chiranjeevi. He even listened to the story of Satakarni and told me that it’s going to be a huge success. At the music launch, I ended my speech with Kabardaar but it wasn’t intended at Chiru or Khaidi No 150. I believe my thinking is a step ahead. I don’t bother about caste feeling. When I begun research for Satakarni, I found information about him in Maharashtra Gazett and realized that not much has been spoken about his greatness as he was a Telugu Warrior. I didn’t have Sankranti clash in mind when I made that comment. I just chanted Jai Balayya out of respect for accepting such a subject. Balakrishna accepted GPSK within 10 minutes. Until then, I had made films within a budget of Rs 15 crore only whereas Satakarni budget stood at Rs 50 crore. GPSK is one film Telugus can proudly show to people of other states. Actually, I should have used the word Bahu Parakh instead Kabardaar. Soon after watching  few tweets, I called Naga Babu and Vinayak to convey my intention’.

‘I will surely do a film with Chiranjeevi. He is very affectionate towards me. When he came to my marriage, The way he touched my face shows the kind of affection he have for me. I’m very close to Mega Family. There will be 10% of such fans everywhere. They should realize that Chiranjeevi came for the launch of Satakarni and stayed their till the very end. He even sent a beautiful message to me after the event and I will always treasure it. Chiru wished GSPK to become a big hit. Any Real Fan of Megastar don’t want his wish to fail. Why because we really admire that man…150 films. What am I before him? I don’t have a stature to say something against Chiru. At the same time, Any real fan of Balayya Babu shouldn’t show disrespect to Khaidi No 150’.

‘Just see the titles – Chiru’s 150th movie is Khaidi No.150 & Balayya’s 100th Movie is Sata-karni. Which means, they are destined to do these films. These so-called fans who pass comments don’t even have the age, they might be pursuing Engineering or MS. I feel shy to open Twitter because of the comments they pass. At the age of 56, Balayya did horse riding. Look how charming Chiru looks at this age. I myself being a part of Industry don’t have the stature to make a comment on them. If an outsider does that, it’s like spitting on themselves’.