Real Estate would have fetched me 400 cr: Ashwini Dutt


ashwini-duttIt’s a common statement we usually hear from our elders in the family. Take an example.. “Square yard in Kukatpally was Rs 400 then. If I could have invested my money on buying the land, I would have been rich person by now”. Producer Ashwini Dutt also made such a common statement. But there is an interesting story behind this ‘routine statement’.

Dutt revealed in a recent interview that he entered film in 70s.  “I convinced my father that I will become producer. He gave me 7 lakh rupees in a packet. It was in 1974. I took the money and landed in Madras and met MS Reddy garu”. After knowing that I’ve brought 7 lakh rupees,  He surprised and told me “Do you know how much a ground(2400 Sq.ft widely used unit in Chennai) costs in T. Nagar ? It’s Rs. 4,800.  You have any idea how much land you can buy there ?”

Dutt continues,  If I had bought the land as suggested by him I could have bought 125 grounds land then. Present value of that land would be around 400 crores. Never mind.. I entered films and returned 7 lakhs to my father. I have developed lands with that money later.  I have bought 40 acres in Gannavaram.