Real Story Behind Gautham Nanda


Gautham-Nanda-Becomes-Hot-CSampath Nandi made films like ‘Rachcha’ with Ram Charan.. ‘Bengal Tiger’ with Ravi Teja.  He is presently working on ‘Gautham Nanda’ starring Gopichand.  The teaser of ‘Gautham Nanda’ received good response in the social media.  The teaser has crossed 2 million views in YouTube and they are still counting.

Gopichand is playing the role of a billionnaire’s son in this film.  Sampath Nandi is saying that some real life incidents are inspiration for ‘Gautham Nanda’ story.   He said that “I have read ‘Who Am I’ book written by Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi.. I got a story idea then.  Sachin Tendulkar’s son can not become Sachin.  Similarly, a billionnaire’s son can’t be like his father.  I have done research on top billionnaires for more than two months.  I have observed their behavior.. thoughts.. likings”.

He said that “I have read a news an year ago that a Surat based businessman who runs diamonds business, has sent his son to Kerala to know how common people and poor people are living and what are their difficulties.  I have taken inspiration from that news.. and I have used that point in this film.  But this movie will have full commercial elements like all my other films”.