Reality Show For Marriage In Legal Trouble


We are not aliens to the concept of a person choosing his/her life partner from the available and interested males/females.

The concept comes from our old world tradition where a princess is asked to choose from princes of various states.

But did that concept existed for men too? We don’t have much evidence for that.

Taking this concept of choosing a life partner by giving them tasks and testing them gave rise to Bachelor and Bachelorette shows on International TV.

Trying to bring that in India, few chanels produced reality shows on Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan. But they stopped the show there as it did not get much response.

Now, in Tamil after Bigg Boss success, hero Arya debuted with the reality show marriage, Enga Vittu Mapillai. This is the Tamil version of Bachelor.

With the tasks in the show going overboard, an activist Janaki Ammal decided to write letters to Censor Board and IT Ministry to stop the telecast.

As they did not reply, she filed a petition with Madras High Court for ban on show. High Court summoned IT Ministry and Censor Board to answer their question of how did they give permission to the show in first place.

But they did not order ban and asked the involved parties to reply by 18th of April.