Could this be reason for Akhil – Shriya break up?


Akhil-Shriya-break-upAkhil Akkineni who is just 23 years of age, is still trying to prove himself as a hero. He, at this point of time is looking to determined to prove himself as an actor than just being the son of Akkineni Nagarjuna. He also surprised everyone when he decided to marry his girl friend, Shriya Bhopal. His age and maturity levels are seemed to be a problem for many and even Rana questioned him publicly, why are you hurrying for marriage?

But the actor was in no mood during the time and both the families decided to hold a engagement ceremony for the two in a grand fashion. Suddenly, one day the news about break up as surfaced. Later, Shriya Bhopal was reported to marry a NRI. As none of the families confirmed about the news, many versions are in circulation about the break up and this hurried marriage.

Apparently, Akhil was eager to marry his girl friend because of her family who wanted to get her married soon. While he was still unsure about his future as an actor he wanted to concentrate on career more and then marry his girl. But the girl’s family did not like the idea and they put forward an ultimatum, when Akhil and his parents tried to discuss the possiblity of marriage after the release of Akhil’s 2nd movie. This resulted in misunderstandings between both the families and the young couple decided to go their separate ways. Now, Akhil is concentrating more on his movie than ever.